The hallmark of Majesty Baptist Church is the preaching of God’s eternal Word. One trend in preaching today is to soften the truth of how God expects us to live. The result is that truth is weakened to the point of being just another religious option. At Majesty Baptist, the preaching is an unapologetic declaration of timeless precepts from the Bible coupled with practical applications for daily life. This type of practical preaching may call for change on the part of the hearer. Therefore, people are invited to respond to God by making decisions of change that are called for from God’s Word.
We hold to traditional, biblical, Baptist beliefs. In the past, when people stood up for what they believed, they were said to have character. In today’s society, they are tagged as intolerant, old-fashioned, or out-of-touch. In our drifting society, where families are torn apart and violence is rampant, people need a solid, steady anchor. We believe the time-tested truths, preached with relevance and compassion at Majesty Baptist, offer that anchor of peace and steadfastness people are seeking.